Landfill Environmental Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

     Mark Yinger Associates manages environmental compliance monitoring for active and closed landfills in Hood River County, Crook County, Klamath County and Lake County, Oregon. 

      Our routine monitoring of groundwater, landfill gas, leachate, and storm water keeps each landfill in compliance with the terms of its permit.  We use ChemStat software for RCRA compliant statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data.   Our careful monitoring provides early detection of potential impacts to groundwater and the environment.

     We design landfill gas extraction wells as well as landfill gas extraction systems to prevent landfill gas from migrating beyond the boundaries of the landfill site.  These systems include instrumentation and data logging to facilitate monitoring of greenhouse gas production and to meet regulatory reporting requirements. 

     Mark Yinger Associates has also completed detailed landfill site characterization studies.  This work starts with a comprehensive review of existing geologic and hydrogeologic data.  Site specific work involves new exploratory borings to describe the soils and subsurface geology.  

     Groundwater monitoring wells for landfills have been designed and installed by Mark Yinger Associates to sample groundwater for water quality testing and determine groundwater flow direction and gradients across a landfill site.   The water quality and flow of surface water, seeps, and springs are also evaluated.  Slug tests are performed on new wells to determine the aquifer hydraulic properties.