Integrated Waste Management Plan for Burns Paiute Tribe

   March 2015… The Burns Paiute Tribe and Indian Health Services awarded  Mark Yinger Associates a contract to develop an Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP) for the tribe.  The Burns Paiute Tribe lands in Harney County, Oregon, are not contiguous, creating opportunities for illegal dumping.  In addition to the IWMP, Mark Yinger Associates will map and characterize the illegal dumping sites.  A dump site cleanup, mitigation, and restoration plan will be developed for.  Methods for preventing future illegal dumping will be proposed.

The Integrated Waste Management Plan will present proposed waste management practices in detail, outlining proposed partnerships with other government entities, enforcement policies, implementation, and proposed funding.  Community involvement and education will be integral to the plannning process.

Hydrogeologic Study of the Lower Wind River Valley Completed 

  January 2015...The focus of this hydrogeologic study was the Trout Creek Hill basalt aquifer beneath the Wind River Valley in Washington's Skamania County. The objective of this study was to define a location for a new test well for the Carson Water System. This study involved: review of geologic literature pertaining to the study area, field reconnaissance geologic mapping of the surface geology, the review of well logs in the study area, and development of geologic cross-sections.

Water found for new drinking water well -- Columbia Hills State Park

   In October, 2014, the well sited by Mark Yinger in the historic Dalles Mountain Ranch portion of Columbia Hills State Park found water.  Many wells have been drilled on Dalles Mountain Ranch in the past, but they were dry holes.   The well sited by Mark Yinger was a success.  This new drinking water well will replace a spring as the source for drinking water on the ranch.  

Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners Service

environmental geology oregonphoto: David Uttley   Mark Yinger served on the Board of the Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners (OSBGE) from 2008 - 2014.  He was board chair for the years 2012 & 2013.  

Harney Basin Groundwater Study -- Harney County Watershed Council

  Harney County Watershed Council awarded the Harney Basin Groundwater Study to Mark Yinger Associates and Aquaveo. The groundwater study began in February 2012 and will be completed by the end of the year. 

  Mark Yinger described the groundwater basin characteristics in terms of aquifers, geology and hydrogeology.  The Harney Basin is approximately 2,000 square miles.  The geology and hydrogeologic units are a complex assemblage of Tertiary volcanic and sedimentary deposits in a large structural basin.  Minimal groundwater use data was available.  Interpretation of a large number of well logs was required to aid in describing the subsurface.

  Mark Yinger described the basin aquifers in detail and generated a 3D hydrogeolgic model.  A geodatabase was developed by Aquaveo that includes all the well logs of the basin, hydrogeology, hydrology, and other   groundwater data making all of this information easily accessible by the Watershed Council.  The geodatabase can easily be updated.

environmental geology Oregon

This study provides preliminary data for the development of a groundwater flow model to assess recharge potential as well as impact of projected or proposed groundwater uses.  The completed Harney Basin Groundwater Study provides the basis for developing groundwater management plans.  The Harney County Watershed Council's mission is to provide a healthy, resilient watershed for the benefit of people, wildlife and habitat.  That mission will benefit from this study.  [November 2012]


Well Siting Study -- Columbia Hills State Park

The Washington State Parks Commission hired Mark Yinger Associates to site a well for the historic Dalles Mountain Ranch portion of the Columbia Hills State Park.  A year round flowing spring has historically been the sole drinking water source on The Dalles Mountain Ranch.  The area is located in the eastern Columbia River Gorge.


environmental geology OregonHigh production spring & early spring flowering grass widow (Sysrinchium douglasii)

The Washington State Parks Commission plans to develop the new ranch house as a conference center, the historic ranch house as a bed and breakfast, and the historic ranch buildings as a recreation/education center.   These development plans require a well to replace the spring as a public drinking water source.  As many as six wells have been drilled on the ranch over time.  No water was found in these previously drilled boreholes. 

Hydrogeologist Mark Yinger sited the new well and provided recommendations on drilling to minimize the impact to the pristine natural habitat on The Dalles Mountain.  Columbia Hills State Park was created in 2003 when The Dalles Mountain Ranch was combined with Horsethief Lake State Park.  [April 2012]