Risk-Based Cleanup of Contaminated Soil & Water


     Site specific, human health risk assessments can save money for owners of property having known or suspected soils or groundwater contamination.

     Mark Yinger Associates are experts at developing comprehensive and defensible site conceptual models used to establish cleanup levels for contaminated soil and water.  We have managed risk-based cleanups at varied contaminated sites, from industrial sites to service stations, in addition to former lumber mills, landfills and orchards.

     We listen carefully to our client’s objectives and the constraints imposed on them by the regulatory agencies.  Our environmental professionals then design assessments and cleanup actions that achieve compliance.  

     Cleanup objectives are often defined by current and likely future uses of a property and adjacent properties.   A change in the use of a property may require cleanup or exposure mitigation actions.
     A land use change that is increasingly common is the re-zoning of historically agricultural lands to residential use.   Another common land use re-zoning is from industrial to multi-family residential.  Herbicide, pesticide, and industrial chemical concentrations in surface soils may exceed concentrations considered safe for soils in a residential setting.  Corrective action may be required before residential use can procede.  

     Engineered and institutional exposure controls may be implemented to minimize the risk of exposure to residual contaminants.