Groundwater Resource Studies : Regional & Local


     Mark Yinger Associates performs groundwater resource studies on both a regional and local scale.


     Water source development and water source protection are often the focus of the the groundwater studies we have performed.  Drinking water for communities, wells for irrigators, and maintaining water quanity and quality for optimal stream habitats are the diverse goals of these projects.


     We have performed groundwater resource evaluations of multiple drainage basins that compose Washington Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs) and in Oregon the Hood River, Deschutes River and Harney Basins.  We have identified, characterized, and ranked aquifers in Oregon and Washington.  Many of these aquifer studies were performed to ascertain aquifer development potential for municipalities, rural communities, water districts, public utilities, and irrigators.

     Groundwater resource studies often include:

  • Hydrogeologic mapping on both a regional and local scale
  • Conceptual and numerical groundwater modeling
  • Water balance analysis
  • Watershed analysis
  • Stream and spring flow surveys
  • Pieziometric contour mapping