Well Site Selection


Mark Yinger Associates performs all phases of siting, construction and testing of production water wells.  We have performed these services for cities, water districts, public utilities, and irrigators.

 Well Site Selection Elements . . .

  • Geophysical surveys--seismic, electromagnetic & microgravity
  • Drilling of test wells
  • Well design
  • Preparing bid specifications for well drilling, construction, and testing contracts
  • Assisting in bidder evaluation and selection
  • Geologic and geophysical logging of boreholes
  • Inspection and documentation of all phases of well drilling and construction, such as borehole alignment and plumbness, casings, screens, grouting and development.

Well Design, Construction Inspection & Testing


Well Development Elements . . .

  • Pumping tests--drawdown/yield and aquifer properties
  • Complete water quality testing for approval of new drinking water source wells


Source Water Protection Analysis

  • Wellhead protection area determination
  • Watershed zone of contribution determination
  • Critical aquifer recharge area determination
  • Analysis of source water susceptibility to contamination