Representative Wetland Delineation Projects:

     OPur wetlands projects have been quite varied.  Most have been pristine, such as rare floating bogs in Skamania County, Washington, and mosaics of fragile, alkaline wetlands near Dallesport, Washington. Other delineations have involved extensive alterations, such as a wetland that had been completely plowed under in Odell, Oregon. 

  • Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute Wetlands:  Three wetlands comprise over 50 acre of wetlands on this 120 acre parcel slated to become the future home of the Columbia River Gorge Ecology Institute's outdoor education facility.  A long history of alteration to drainage for agriculture use had degraded the wetlands.  Designs for wetland restoration were develope with the primary goal of providing habitat for Sandhill Crane nesting and rearing.
  • Little Wind River Wetlands:  This nine-wetland complex, along the lower reach of Washington's  Little Wind River was delineated for the Underwood Conservation District as part of an anadromous fish habitat enhancement project.
  • Goldendale Aluminum Smelter Wetlands:  These wetland delineations including functions and values assessments were very technical due to the extensively disturbed wetland vegetation and soils, in addition, to the presence of hazardous substances.
  • Plowed and Ditched Wetland:  This wetland was plowed and ditched by a farmer in Odell, Oregon, in an attempt to remove it.  This was a forensic wetland delineation required by Oregon Department of State Lands.
  • Dallesport Airport & Sundoon Golf Course: Wetlands were delineated on 250 acres of land on the bench north of the Columbia River.  Wetlands types included basalt pothole wetlands, wetland mosaics and rare alkali wetlands.
  • Accidental Partially Destroyed Wetland:  Skamania County Washington Public Works did not recognize a wetland as a wetland and partially destroyed it.  The wetland delineation with functions and values assessment defined the original boundary of the wetland for restoration.